Bronze Me {the fox tan review}

{prepare for an honest and comical product review}

My mom doesn’t like tanning beds.

Yes I straight up busted you out even though you can sit in the sun 2 hours and magically turn the color of the Hawaiian Tropic bottle.

{palm to face}

I on the other hand am 1 of 2 of her light skinned, light eyed, technically lighter haired children.

Enough freckles to play connect the dots on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

So I have to work at keeping that “glow.”

I love laying out by the pool.

The backyard.

My tanning bed.

I prefer to have a bronzed color.

{this does not mean I need a lecture and blah blah. I have good skin care products and use them and cover my face}

Outside I use Coppertone Baby Sunscreen on my face & shoulders, wear a hat, wear my night cream, and put and after sun cream on.

But during the school year when it’s next to impossible to sit by a pool in prime sunning hours, I lay in my tanning bed and use my fake tan stuffs.

Which I am quite picky about my lotion I use.

No tingle, can’t smell like self tanner, no crazy bronzer to stain my hands, no weird smell, no flowery smells, no crazy antics period.

So after seeing the Facebook ad a zillion times, I got the “Fox Tan” rapid mist to try.

1. Do not let the AUS confuse you. I repeat. Do not let that trick you into thinking it is a crazy expensive spray. Apparently AUS means that’s in Australian dolla bills and in reality it is cheaper in U.S. dolla bills. Oh and there’s always a coupon code. #thanksfoxtan

2. This is not for the faint of heart people. I repeat. Not for the faint. This is not for you newbies trying to get your prom tan or “wake your skin up for a cruise” that’s never seen UV rays of tanning goodness and smelled the sizzle of cooking skin cells. This spray is best for those who know the tan, feel the tan, and become the tan by the time summer comes and freely bask in the open sunshine with no fear of blinding others with the ghost of pasty legs past. In other words, tanning experience is a plus in my opinion.

3. There is a reason this stuff looks like spray butter… Parkay in the blue bottle to be exact. It will cook you like Parkay butter on a grilled cheese. That perfect golden brown on both sides once you’ve flipped it. Yes. Same principle in the tanning bed. Spray this Australian Parkay on and you’re golden brown within about 2-3 sessions. No lie. It was worth the 12-15 business days tracking it through Europe to be able to have my golden color within days. I don’t know what Aborigines voodoo this is, but it’s worth the Australian dollars and wait.

4. The bottle of Aborigines voodoo magic can be used outside in the open sunshine by the pool and in the backyard and in general is versatile. In the past I’ve bought tanning oil & sunscreen and then tanning bed lotion, but this can be used for both and is officially my favorite and no. 1 pick for getting and keeping my summer color.

So if you’re accustomed to keeping a summer glow, this would definitely be your new favorite product.

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