If You Had One Wish { A Piper Funny }

Last weekend was Prom for our school, so I have been running ninety to nothin’ getting that ready…and getting it all stored away after the fact.

So that has left little time to write anything lately, but here I am.

{She’s baaaaaaackkkkk}

To welcome you all back to reading, I figured we could start with a Piper story from the past week.

As I’ve said before, P & E stay with Honey during the school day while I’m at work.

They of course have many many…many adventures & play time & naps & snacks.

We very much encourage imaginative play & making up stories… etc.

Now last week, Honey & Piper were playing fairies & granting wishes…

I believe the conversation went a little like this…

{Piper} Honey I’ll grant you 1 wish! What would you like?

{Honey} Oh I would like joy & happiness!

…….proof this is my child…..

{Piper} Oh well I’m out of that potion– pick something else.

Yep. She’s mine. That’s my sarcasm coming through… not going to lie.

I couldn’t help but laugh when the story was relayed to me, but of course that wasn’t the end…

{Buddy} Oh no that’s not the end, you gotta tell the whole story now Honey…


After Piper explained she is totally out of joy & happiness…

{Honey} Well I guess just make me skinny.

**Wait for it…

{Piper} Oh I figured you’d have wanted your skin smoothed out…

Mic drop…

So note to self… don’t ask unless you want an honest opinion, don’t speak unless you want an honest statement, and most importantly…

Don’t ask for joy & happiness from Piper.

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