Hair Experiment {No. 1}

So long time no see right?

Well Easter is over, Prom is done {ahem* let me just pat myself on the back right quick}, senior testing is over, grades are in, and I can breathe again…

Summer. Is. Coming.

People do you even understand what that means to teachers.

No, unless you’re a teacher.

So now that I’m functioning at normal capacity again, I have a little room to breathe again and think.

Also since Summer is coming, that means the girls and I need some cute tanks and shirts to run around in and look all “mommy & me” chic.

Not really, but we like fun graphic tees to go get our cotton candy blizzard before the Jennings Resort.

So I cut one of my cute new tees that I made with the handy dandy heat press, and I realized the sleeves I cut off would make excellent stretchy headbands.

{lemme throw those off in the save pile}

Days go by…

Saturday we have hair washing night for church.

{sappy post coming next on that ritual}

So everyone has damp hair, and usually we let it air dry and straighten or curl or braid the following morning.


An idea hit me.

You see the ‘As Seen on TV’ soft curls thingy and it’s what? $9.95 for not one but 2 and $6.95 shipping and handling?

Pshhhhh. Not when you have the sleeve of a $3 t-shirt laying in the “save pile”.


So I sat and thought about this for a hot second because it was very similar to something I had done to my hair at the Blossom Festival back about 20 years ago.

{did I really just refer to something 20 years ago…}

It was called a hair halo, and the people put this ring on my head and then wrapped my hair around it.

$15 later I thought I was adorable.

End of Memory Lane.

So I put the shirt sleeve on Piper’s head, and looped her hair in sections all the way around the “headband.”

I used 4 alligator clips to keep some of her ends secure while she slept.

She was thrilled because her head felt “normal” and soft and she could sleep on it.

So she did just that.

The next morning, I got her dressed and the unraveling began.

Oh. My. Word. The. Curls.

Soft, bouncy, beautiful ringlets.

With no heat and no product and no effort. Just sleep.

I ran my fingers through them, and put a feathered clip on the other side to get her hair away from her face.

When I get brave, I’ll see if this method tames my own hair… probably not, but my curls need some help as it is with their fuzziness and unruly nature.

So if your toddler is particular and forms a rebellion against rollers and hair styling— you’re welcome because this is our new go-to method for fancy hair doings.

And it lasted for 2 days all fabulously curly.

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