Summer Day 1

Yes…MIA would be an understatement, but in my defense

  1. End of the School Year…need I say more…
  2. Graduation… details to come on preparing the celebration {#cookiecakes}
  3. End of the School Year— prepping things to not come back until August {hopefully}, grades, getting folders back to other teachers, etc. etc. etc..

Fellow teachers know the struggle is real come May.

Because it is.

The more we prep now, the less we bring home for the Summer or go back and work on throughout the Summer in general.

Whoever said teachers get Summer “off”

They lied. Like the Devil.

Their pants are blazing with flames and they should be afeared of the hauntings of teachers’ past, present, and future.


{Now let me hop off my soap box}


So let’s talk about that first day of Summer Break.

That would be June 1st.

This is my first break with 2 kids, 4 dogs, and 31 chickens on the way.

Yes, I said 4 dogs because I’m a crazy dog lady and life is too short {see the next post}.


The fun began right off the bat.

At 7am on Saturday morning, the girls & I took Moose {the newbie} on his first adventure.

That meant a “car picnic” with Shipley’s rainbow donut holes, kolaches, and blueberry cake donuts before a walk on the beloved Farm Road.

With Moose harnessed, Everly in her stroller packed with goodies {yes, the crazy dog lady brought along a bowl for water, a few water bottles for us, E a bottle of her own, and the leftover donuts, extra sunscreen, diapers, wipes, etc.}, and with every intent of walking the entire thing, we went on our merry way.

The cool thing about the Farm Road {besides the fact that it is legitimately the Farm Road for the university} is you will always see friendly faces & there is always a spot to take a rest if needed.

There are benches under shady Magnolia trees, a covered swing, benches by the duck pond, and even a water fountain at the top of the hill under a tree with faucets for adults, kids, and pets.

SAU & their donors graciously repaved and made it so user-friendly for our community to enjoy and see their livestock, and the Leadership Magnolia class was wonderful enough to have it lit for those who walk in the evenings.

It’s a ‘pro’ if you’re making a list of why you should go to SAU or just move to Magnolia in general if you ask me.

So along we went, and we had to stop at the swing for a water & donut break.

We walked the “zebra path” to turn towards the softball field.

{That would be the part where they paint the asphalt for homecoming…it seems the squares have faded to white since last year…so they look like a zebra to a 4 year old.}

We had to pick wish flowers, blow their fuzzies into the wind, and stop for a “rock-paper-scissors-shoe” game…or 5…when we got to the Alumni Bridge.

That also called for some more water.

We stopped at the duck pond benches to see if we could see them swimming and “rest our feet.”

We also questioned and investigated everyone and their dogs who passed by or met us on the walking path.

So if we saw you or have seen you when we walk and a certain 4 year old asked a strange question like “Why did that man have on long sleeves when it’s hot–is he cold? Does he have fever? Why does he have ear muffs on? He must be confused. Why does that lady not put her dog on a leash? He’s gonna run off. What’s that thing in that lady’s hair? Why’s her hair so tall?”

I’m terribly sorry, but she’s curious and always wants to know answers.

Let’s just say explaining bluetooth earphones to a 4 year old was fun.

We also had the slight meltdown of me being a mean momma making her walk.

So we stopped and waited for the meltdown to be over because the mean momma also said we don’t move til you’re finished fussing.

So a certain 4 year old finished, and we walked the last 50 yards to the car….

Finishing a walk like that called for Sonic drinks, and after that we had to get ready for a party & go grocery shopping.

Now, it was later in the afternoon when we made it to the local Wally-World…and let me begin by explaining that yes, I did indeed let the 4 year old pick out her entire outfit.

{Because the inner stupid-head in me forgot we were actually going out in public later after I went to the party}

That should totally explain the gold glitter sandals, baby blue tutu with silver glitter, red with grey razorback shirt, and finishing touches of white bow barrettes on either side of her ears to accentuate the dutch braid in her hair.

If there were a “kids of Walmart” page, she’d be on it.

We saw no one we knew {I think}, and then when we got home we started some meal prepping.

BBQ meat for tacos, burgers with Killer Rub on them, sausage, and hot dogs for the week.

Sorry, but you will not see or read or hear about me doing anything crazy healthy as far as meal prepping unless it’s divvying up salad mix with some cheese & ranch.

And then the first day of Summer Break came to an end with doggy snuggles, doing dishes, and bubble baths all around.

Happy Summer folks, and don’t forget…

Chickens. Are. Coming.

{All 31….}

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