Life is too short for people not to pull their own happy wagons.

So if my happy wagon includes a husband, 2 kids, 4 dogs, 31 chickens, and a buncha’ cows…

So be it.

It’s a blessedly happy & full wagon just how I like it.

Go ahead and say it.

“Oh my gawsh you have 4 dogs?!”

Yep, and we love them. We snuggle them, feed them, bathe them, and all.

“4 dogs with 2 kids?!”

So yes. I added to the tribe.

Yea girl, those 2 kids snuggle and love all over those dogs. It works out great.

Those dogs protect them, love them, and steal their french fries and gold fish occasionally.


Meet Moose the Goldendoodle.

He is loved. He is conforming. He is learning. He is a big fluffer pupper who likes to let his ears blow in the air vents. He doesn’t mind Everly wallowing on him and loving on him. He loves to tote his stuffed moose around. He likes to run and hop outside with Ember. He loves to ride in the car and go to the pool.

He is precious.

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