The Gap

This is a sore subject with some.

This is also a hot topic in some schools and with some educators.

I’m still on the fence and a little put off by the subject myself.

Especially after today.

{now let’s add in the storyline}

So how did I reach the point of aggravation of “the gap” today…

What gap am I talking about?

Let’s see if you can figure it out before I blatantly say it {or type it}.

Now this week kicks off the summer reading program at our county library. I took the girls for the event where we went on a scavenger hunt to ultimately end up checking out a few books.

Along the way, we collected stickers on our paper to turn in at the end for a prize bag.

The stickers were planets…

{do you see where this is going yet}

Mercury was the first. Then Venus. Oh look there’s Earth. Oh yes Piper we’re going in order.

{arrives at station 8 and gets Neptune}


{looks around for about 2 minutes for station 9}

Y’all. No station 9.


Because poor Pluto was demoted, and I was raised with the catchy planet song so it’s a tad difficult to take that out of the equation when thinking about the solar system.

So here I am. In the gap of children who learned 9 planets, only to have 1 taken away. Demoted. Thus demolishing my favorite planet because it was the same as Mickey Mouse’s dog.

Needless to say, there was no 9th planet sticker and I felt like an idiot.

But at least I’m probably not the only one who forgets Pluto is not an “official planet” anymore.

{face palm}

And this is almost as bad as the “reindeer paws” fiasco…

{stay tuned for tomorrow’s storytime on that}

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