This Weather

All the heart eyes over here.

If you’re from South Arkansas, you understand what I mean when I say hot & humid.

That means it’s usually 98 degrees with a heat index in the 100’s and probably 80% humidity.

That means you wear shorts, no shoes, get you a large Sonic water with extra ice & a snowcone, and go sit in a kiddie pool in someone’s backyard until the sun decides to back off and go home for the night.


These past 2 days have been rare.

Rare as in finding the 18 ct. diamond at Murfreesboro diamond mine.

Rare as in…

Like where did these temps come from. In. June.

The Heavens that’s where. Jesus has found favor on Arkansas and whoever ordered the blessings from above can keep on- keeping on.

It’s nice.

No humidity. No sweltering. No sweating. No miserableness.

So I of course get on Google, and the highest on record for June in Magnolia is 111 degrees.

{so Google said so do your own Googling if you must}

The record low…

45 degrees.

Bring it.

This morning I had to put on long pants and completely debated putting on a sweatshirt to let the dogs out.

This kind of weather is for football, pumpkin spice, leggings & sweatshirts, and putting Christmas decorations out.

{because yes that happens here during football season}

This weather makes me excited.

I love Summer and having the long break to play, but this weather makes me excited for August and all the “new”.

If you read the post about how awesome our community is when we battled for the state basketball title, then you’ll understand the excitement.


You’ll understand that after a year like that with our athletics & schools in general, we have a lot to look forward to.

Our district has lots of “new” coming.

New buildings/facilities, new kids, new teachers, new coaches, MORE new programs {um hello, broadcasting class? Yes please}, new technology, new organizations, lots of new.

Good new.

“New” that we’re excited about and that everyone should be excited about.

With that new, we’re taking it back to our roots. We have traditions. We bleed Leaping Panther red & white.

We are Magnolia.

We’re growing, and this weather makes me excited for August and being part of the “new”.

#educateMagnolia #FAMILY

P.S. Don’t worry–I’ll save your seat on the band wagon.

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