Dear Husband,

Dear Husband,

I know we did not plan on having children until about this point in our marriage, but “tada” we now how an almost 5 year old and an almost 1 year old. I know we said we wanted to wait til we had been married a few years until we thought about planning for kids, but that wasn’t up to us really–I imagine God was laughing at us when we had that discussion.

“BAHAHAHAHA sure go with that Hannah, 4 years–how about 4 months?”

Yes I really think He laughs at us even though He knows everything that will happen .

I bet it is still comical to Him.

I know you didn’t plan on being a daddy so soon, but being so young– you rock it.

I know neither of us dreamed we would have double the sassy pants, double the hair braiding, double the bows, double the glitter, double the daughters; but we did.

You’re double the “girl dad” and you’re “fantastique” as Fancy Nancy would say.

I know you didn’t expect to watch Frozen so many times or My Little Pony, but I know a little girl who likes to curl up in daddy’s lap with her beloved triangle blanket to watch tv.

I know you didn’t expect to be chasing 2 babies around with me so soon, but watching you chase the 2 princesses around just tickles me pink.

*Pinkalicious to be exact, but we’ll discuss that series later.

I know you also didn’t expect to have 1 little girl who doesn’t like to be dirty and one who would wallow in the mud with the pigs if we’d let her.

I know you didn’t expect to play hairstyler or wear princess tiaras or go to work with glitter on your face, but boy do you work it and roll with it.

I know you didn’t expect to hear “I love you Daddy” so soon in our marriage, but it’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen & heard when you come around the corner from a day on the tractor.

I know you didn’t think you’d enjoy reading Green Eggs & Ham 762 times, but to hear you read and play with the girls is precious and something I know they’ll talk about one day how Daddy let them sit in the chair while he read Dr. Seuss books.

I know you didn’t expect to have a little girl that convinces you to let her shop on Amazon for an m&m machine for the kitchen counter or

I know you didn’t think you’d have a little girl that carries your picture everywhere when you’re at work because she misses you, but you do.

I know you didn’t think you’d have a baby girl {nonetheless 2} reaching for you to pick her up, but you do.

I know you don’t think you’re a wonderful daddy, but you are.

Your girls love you.

Happy Father’s Day!

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