Yes. MIA is an understatement, but so is busy.

Busy playing.

Busy planning.

Busy snuggling.

Busy swimming.

Busy snacking.

Busy cooking.

Busy shopping.

Busy resting.

Busy taking pictures.

Busy cheering.

Busy driving.

Busy riding.

Busy talking.

Just busy.


If you know me, you know if I’m not busy then I’m completely stir crazy.

I’m almost just plain lost.

When I graduated college, my husband would ask me what was wrong.

Well, I had anxiety because I took the summer off from working before I started my big girl job, and I didn’t really know what to do with myself.


This summer we stayed busy.

We had birthdays {me & E}.

We had shopping trips.

We had dates for chips & queso.

We had Disney movie mornings.

We had chores.

We had big announcements.


We had cheer practice.

We had chalk drawings.


We have changes coming.

I’m not only starting my first year as a cheer coach, but my first born baby is starting a new adventure.


My sensitive, warm, big-hearted, caring, first-born baby will be going somewhere without a family member in sight or in the building to learn and play for a couple days a week, and then the next year we go on the big one…


And when she picked out a backpack & lunchbox today with a matching glitter folder, walked proudly in the house to show her daddy after swimming all afternoon…

…my heart melted into a puddle into my stomach and then it was sucked up into my eyeballs and rose up as tears for a hot second.

Because my baby isn’t so much a baby.

My blonde-haired little stinker can get dressed on her own, fix her own snack from the drawer, say words like “marvelous”, follow directions to find something in another room, fix her own drink, write her name, and likes to have a plan or schedule at all times to know what is going on.

The sweet little soul that made such a dramatic entrance into the world, is finding her own way into said world.


I’m having mixed feelings.

The “lasts” are coming and I know it.


I don’t like it.

The last time she snuggles into bed with me is coming.

The last time she asks to sit in my lap to rock is coming.

The last time she wants chocolate milk before bed is coming.

The last time she needs me to braid her hair after bath time is coming.

The last time she needs me to reach her clothes for her is coming.

The last time she needs me to wipe her face because she has a chocolate mustache from her ice cream is coming.

But firsts are coming too.

The first day of preschool.

{any school for that matter}

The first time she wants to play t-ball.

The first Christmas party.

The first cousin.


The first real back-to-school shopping trip for both of us.

The first ballgame we ride on a bus.

Lots of things happening in general.

Lots of feelings from all of us.

{big feelings}

So while the rest of the house sleeps…

I’ll sit here and let my first baby sleep in my lap with her triangle blankie.

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