Teacher Hack{No. 1}

Yes. I’m a high school teacher.

Yes. It’s only year 4 for me.


I’ve figured out a few things and one is something I fully rely on and use daily.

The Rocketbook.

{I prefer the wave}

It’s the perfect combination of technology & paper.

Literally. The inside is paper with symbols and QR codes you scan with the app on your smartphone.

Each symbol links to a specific location like emails, phone numbers to send the pdf file as a text, onedrive, dropbox, and other file sharing/saving apps.

Personally, I have my emails, dropbox, and cellphone numbers set up for certain symbols.

You literally write in the notebook, scan with the app, and hit “send” for it to go to it’s destination. It also saves a copy in the app too.

No more looking for notes you wrote in a parent conference, faculty meetings, committee meeting, or even notes for students.

No wasting paper either because it’s all erasable.

The wave is erased in the microwave and the everlast is like a dry erase booklet.

Yes. The microwave.

Google it.

Or better yet here’s the link.


The other fun part…

The pens you use are erasable on any other paper as well– frixion to be exact.

They come as pens, highlighters, AND my favorite– markers.

I LOVE the markers– especially to do my students’ doodle notes in that I scan from my rocketbook, save to the dropbox, and then upload to Microsoft Teams for specific classes.

{side note: I know not all schools do this, but in our district we are fortunate and blessed enough to be 1 to 1 with student laptops and can use different resources and tools like these in our rooms}

I also project them onto the screen during class to go over.

This is fabulous to use to make sure students have access to notes and copies of instructional materials at any given time from any device {like their laptop or smartphone}.

That’s the other cool part…

Have a handout you love, but don’t want to have to go to the office to scan in or make a million copies and waste paper or have them all left in the room after you’ve taken time to pass them out, etc. etc.

…fold it to fit within the margins of the book, scan it like normal, boom…

Instant. Pdf. Copy.

Upload to Teams or whatever type of file sharing system you use for your students and they all have access to it when needed.

No. Paper. Necessary.

{except them showing their work AND answers on their own notebook paper to turn in}

It’s also cool for your own kids to play with.

For example, P loves to color so I gave her an old rocket book— because I use it daily and get a new one each year because it’s burned-slap-up– so when she colors something she wants to keep and send to her Honey or Shug or Daddy, I can mark the symbols for their phone numbers, scan, send.

Boom. Everyone has a copy of P’s pretty family portrait or “new house plans.”

It’s my favorite tool in my room.

Say a student has trouble with a problem needing a step by step example…

…9/10 others will too…

So I grab my rocketbook, work an example problem, scan it, upload, and then everyone has an extra example to look at if needed.

There’s no copying them, no waiting til after class, no wasted paper.

It’s my favorite. The pens & markers too– especially in my lesson planner because we all know rule 1 in teaching…

1. Be able to monitor & adjust as needed

What better way to start than with erasable markers & pens?

{yes there are probably a million other ways, but when things don’t always go accordingly— it’s easier to adjust when you can erase}

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