More Changes

More changes is right.

{school for errybody…except E & Husband}

So yea, school for me & P…

She did start last Monday, and it just about ripped my heart out of my chest when I had her hold her little chalkboard sign and all to do the basic mom pictures of “First day of…”

This Monday {2 days… good grief} the teachers of Magnolia unite.

Now go back and read that like the Justice League or Teen Titans or Powerpuff Girls or something to make it sound super fierce.

Because if I’ve learned anything in my last 3 years, it’s that teachers have to be tough and your heart has to be in it.

So inservice starts Monday to prepare for the 19th, the first real day of school here in our little Arkansas town.

If you get down to it, we’re excited. We all secretly love buying school supplies, we love the smell of new paper, we like to go run the copies of the syllabus to pass out, and we are on pins and needles to see our rosters.

No matter how much we may get fussy about wanting to stay on summer break, there is that deep down excitetment of a new school year and new faces on campus.

New faces at school, new students, new classroom decor, new supplies, new curriculum, new classes…how do you not get excited?

P on the other hand, not so much. She knows this means Momma will be up early to get ready & Momma will be gone to work.

Although, P also knows this means getting to go everywhere with her new cheerleader BFF’s, getting to put make-up on with Momma, be up early to pack lunches, Saturday morning donut dates & Walmart shopping, Friday nights at the panther games, Saturdays with Daddy watching college football, morning hot chocolates at The Perfects, Halloween costume shopping, and ALL the Fall things.

Because Fall in Magnolia is fun.

There’s so many different things going on.


Today, we soak up the last of the “no schedules”, the back to school shopping, the staying in pajamas, the cooking big breakfasts, Bubble Guppies, and pretending to drink coffee.

So here’s to the last “summer day” for this teacher & her kiddos before starting “the routine.”


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