Mom Hack #1

No this is not something I have that will make your life easier.

This is something you want to avoid.

Like at all costs.


Several weeks ago, I posted a picture with a list of all the things that lead up to the first home volleyball game…


Which leads me to…

Mom Hack #1: Always get on Pinterest to look for hacks.

Always look for the easier way out. Always.

{Those fancy shaped sandwiches sure are adorable Karen, but the squares and other quadrilaterals taste just as great and my kid likes the crust anyways}

House work, thriftiness, etc.


If you don’t…

A single candle will cost you $300.

Yes. You read that right.

One candle will also cost you the use of you left pointer finger… and the feeling in it.


Get on Pinterest people. Save yourself the trouble.

Or you’ll end up like me. Insert the most obnoxious eye roll because I’m a dummy.


Several Saturdays ago, I was being my usual “thrifty” self as I call it. I was changing the old wax/candles out of the Scentsy pots, votives, and other candle holders.

I do this often {or DID}.

Not. No. Mo’.

So I was putting new candles in and popping old ones out…

and in the midst of my “project”




“What just happened”

*Um I cut my finger.

“How bad…”

*I need to go get stitches.

**Cue Piper walking into the kitchen as I’m wrapping my left hand into kitchen towels.

“Piper go in the bedroom and check on your sister.”

We call moms to see who is home for Husband to take the girls to, while I head to the car to go to the ever fabulous Premiere Urgent Care.

Husband tends to the children, while I drive to get my finger put back together.

So I call our ever favorite Aunt Sparkles, and ask if Urgent Care can sew me up if I go there instead of the ER.


“What have you done?”

*I was getting old wax out of a candle holder and the glass snapped in my hand.

“I’m putting shoes on and will meet you down there.”

Cool beans Wendy.

Sparkles & my mom beat me to the Urgent Care, and at this point I think we were more entertainment for the sweet nurses and doctors than anything else.

My mom filled out my paperwork for me–

“Do you have your insurance card? What’s your SSN? Do you have allergies– oh wait I know some of these.”

We go back to the room…

At this point the woman comes in to take a look… “Oh yea that’s pretty deep.”

My mom took my wedding rings off and tried to wash them.

There may have been a few pictures taken.

And then they come in to numb & stitch me up….but first the numbing.

Stayce asked if she should hold my hand.

{yes please. that’s a large needle.}

One shot. Two shots. Three shots. Four.

“Do you numb easily at the dentist?”


And the shots continue…

And then the stories of abnormality start…

Nothing normal ever happens to me. Our family. Anything.

And then we start in on how I’m not allowed to use electric can openers.

And then how Piper arrived into the world.

And then the stories keep on.

BUT I will say, I was a big girl while I got my beautiful 7 stitches.

There were plenty of laughs all around and the profound Mom-Hack #1:

You can put a candle holder in the freezer to make the wax just pop out…

Mom-Hack #2:

Use pliers to get the lid off the magnet of the electric can opener.

Save yourself the $300 and trip to Urgent Care.

Put the candle in the freezer… or just buy a new one.

Don’t be like Hannah, or you’ll have the awkward numb pointer finger with a lightening bolt scar.

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