Recipe Post {Like #4?–yes let’s say 4}

We LOVE some “homemade” pizza at our house.

Traditional. Stuffed crust. Pepperoni. Cheese. Meat Sauce. Plain Ragu {Great Value} sauce. Bubble.

Yes. Bubble.

Probably one of my favorites.

AND EASY– Yes mommas. E. Z.

Basically it’s a really thick and bubbly crust for those who like a soft crust and more of a fun dish for kids.

The only difference between the regular pizza & bubble pizza as we call it at our house is that you use all your toppings and sauce of choice and cheese and replace your rolled out crust with a can of 8 biscuits.

Any biscuits you want. as long as you have 8 to fill a 9×13 in. casserole dish.

I like to use the butter flavored original so that they are a solid crust and have a little added flavor to them.

Just lay your biscuits in the dish like so.

Flatten them out a little so they touch.

Pour the jar of sauce or whatever you choose over them.

{Variation to follow}

Throw on ALL the toppings.

{this is Princess P’s favorite part to do}

Then bake it for about 30-35 minutes according to the temperature of the biscuit package.

Piper loves to watch the biscuits bubble up through the sauce and toppings as it cooks!

**Check the middle to see that the biscuit is cooked. I would also suggest covering with aluminum foil to keep the cheese from browning so much. #thingstodonexttime #oops


This is also fun to do with pasta.

Flatten the biscuits out in the casserole dish, and then pour over your favorite pasta premixed with sauce.

Sprinkle over extra cheese and toppings if needed.

Pop it in the oven for the 20-25 minutes.

Instant “pizza pasta.”

**Personally, penne noodles with alfredo sauce is a favorite with extra shredded cheese on top. It’s almost like a Domino’s bread bowl all in a casserole dish.

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