If You

If you promise to take your 4 year old little girl to the movies on Thanksgiving Break…

{obviously you had better keep your promise or she is going to throw the ultimate hissy fit because by gosh she is going to see what happens to Elsa & Anna}

your 1 year old little girl of course tags along.


If your 1 year old little girl also goes to see “Gooo Go” (Let it Go…ie. Elsa)

then you had better prepare to strategically pack the diaper bag to occupy her with puffs, milk, a bottle cap or 2 (don’t ask), a ziploc bag of more puffs; to block part of the aisle so she can walk if she gets a little energetic, sit on the second row so nothing goes rolling down several aisles if dropped & can be easily rescued, etc., etc..


If you take your little girls to the movies to see Frozen II…

then you had better have the pep-talk of how we are there to watch the movie; not there to talk or be loud/disrespectful/get/have a dance party/get in other peoples business/eat them out of house and home/etc..


After you have your pep-talk on how we act in the movies, arrive at the movies, pay for the movie tickets, then you take a VERY IMPORTANT potty break before even entering the theater.

{Why? Because thou shalt not get up in the middle of Frozen II. By gosh children, this is as much for you as it is for me— you will one day understand once you see Wicked and we have a talk about Idena Menzel & Kristin Chenowith}

Now if you take your two blonde haired, tiny humans to the movies to see a movie about sisters who continue to put their love for each other above all things…

then your heart will melt a little when your tiniest human pulls from your arms to sit next to her big sister and give her pats on her head as they watch wide-eyed with wonder…

then your eyes might get a little misty as the older sister reaches to hold the little one’s hand (not push away) when she gives her “be sweet” pats….

then you might want to freeze time (pun intended) and hold your 2 girls who love each other even when hair is pulled, toys are thrown, heads are whopped, someone is pushed, someone (she shall remain “nameless”) bites the other, food is stolen, drinks are taken, dolls are confiscated, etc., etc., etc..

You might want to make a mental note, Disney hit this one spot on….

No truer love than that of siblings— through thick & thin, biting, hair pulling, squabbling, and already fussing over clothes— and even when one steals the other’s chicken nuggets.

{who shall also remain nameless}

And yes… Frozen II gets all the stars from the Hurley girls.

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