Break Pt. 1

You hear it all the time…

“Teachers waiting to see 3:19pm for Christmas Break to start…”

{Insert meme of bags packed, grades done, and keys at the ready}

Now how many of you actually realize probaby 3/4 of the teachers who had a “break” didn’t actually have a break?

I had heard of this rarity in my 4 years of teaching {yes so fresh into this career path at the ripe age of 27}

I had not experienced it…yet. I had heard the horrors of literally being sick or life events or other things taking over the 14 day stretch where teachers are supposed to be wearing pants without buttons & zippers, no scheduled bathroom breaks, and without setting those 4 alarms in the mornings of how late you want to be running for work.

Oh but this year. It was my year.

How did this start?

It started with a trip to Hot Springs for the State Cheer Competition, getting home at 1:00am on Sunday, getting up and getting to church for our Christmas program, and getting the last minute Christmas details together for everybody and everyone’s events.

That’s how the snowball started…

{Now to set the timeline|

We took a family outing to the local Taco Bell for supper that Sunday night on the 22nd as a “yay let’s celebrate we’re all together and we want to really kick-off the holiday eating spree the right way.”

Yea that would have been nice if it had ended that way.

And then Jesus said, “Oof, if you only knew.”

Of course after the typical bedtime routine at our house, no one was actually interested in going to sleep…

So Piper & I saw 10pm before anyone was the slightest bit ready to drift to La La Land as My Little Pony played on repeat.

Husband was tossing and turning and finally ventured into the living room to escape Rainbow Dash & her band of magical, merry, oddly named ponies…

I remember opening my eyes & he wasn’t in the bed… at 1am, 3am, and at 4am I got up to see him in the recliner.

At that point I realized he had not been to sleep {at all}, and tried to offer my help.

He said he had a really bad pain on the left side up into his ribs.

Heating pad? Benedryl? Tylenol? Advil?

It was odd.

So after getting the heating pad, I went back to my nest in our bed.

At 5am on the 23rd, I got back up to him pacing the kitchen & telling me it hadn’t gone away.

At that point, he questioned should he go to the emergency room?

“Yes because at this point you would have already had me up there.”

So he grabbed sweatpants, hoodie, and shoes as he left out to drive to town.

{Ahem* Disclaimer: No I am not the terrible wife that lets her husband go alone to the ER and wait alone and all. I texted his parents letting them know what was going on & I got up there once I got the kids to all their respective places so they weren’t in a building of germs & sick people. I’m not that dumb…most of the time.}

So I was at the ER in the room with him by 8am.

It was shift change & a new doctor came in to assess the situation— and kudos to you Dr. Glasgow because you actually tried to figure out the mystery to the left-sided pain.

After a CT scan and bloodwork, it was obvious that Husband had some things going on like a high white count, enlarged spleen, and by “coincidence” a gallbladder with nasty gallstones totally killing the Christmas spirit…with pain on the left side.

Now I learned that gallbladder pain is typically on the right, and every time someone new came in to look at Husband they asked repeatedly about his pain and where it is.

“Nothing over here?”

  • No it’s over here {pointing to the left}.

Then came the ultrasound.

A lovely woman showed up with a wheelchair to take him down to get an ultrasound…

“I can walk. I’m not getting in that.”

And that is how we started Christmas break at Magnolia Hospital.

Refusing to get in a wheelchair…

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