Break Pt. 2

After refusing to get in a wheelchair for a trip down the hall for an ultrasound, it was found that not only was his gallbladder filled with stones, but also infected and inflamed and needed to come out.

So we waited in the ER room to wait to see what was going to happen and a thought popped in my head…


Y’all.. my husband is in outrageous pain, awaiting the verdict on surgery, and I am worried to death about if he brushed his teeth.

#facepalm #wifeoftheyear #dentalhygieneisimportant

So instead of reservations for some kind of trip for our 6 year wedding anniversary, we had reservations with IV drips, antibiotics, and an emergency gallbladder surgery.

Once fully admitted and put in a room, I ran home for all the essentials– glasses, changes of clothes, socks, shampoo, toothbrush & toothpaste {#ptl}, blankets & pillows, and some activities for me– and bags for the girls for sleepovers.

{and so ends Dec. 23rd and begins the 24th with watching Christmas Vacation twice, White Christmas, Nester the Donkey, and then a few episodes of Andy Griffeth to finish off the wee hours of the morning}

Now honestly, I have nothing to complain about with the overnight stay in the hospital– that was probably the best shower EVER.

Water pressure, temperature, the texture of the floor– I’ll take 2 please.

So I’m the weirdo that is about 17 min from her house and chooses to shower & get myself together in a hospital room before my husband has surgery, and I’m ok with it.

It was lovely.

**What was not lovely was the cough I picked up during our stay in the hospital, but cheers to Aunt Sparkles for coming to the rescue with cough syrup**


Surgery was great, nurses were helpful & kind, but at that point it was time for me to go home to get my kids home for Christmas Eve & Santa’s arrival.

*cue the tears because what daddy doesn’t want to be home with his babies on Christmas*

**cue double tears because no wife likes to do Christmas alone with her kids when her husband is sick**


Santa came & went, ate his cookies, drank some of the milk, and fed his reindeer the adorable bag of food Princess Pi left for them on the counter; but Hannah kept this cough & just wasn’t feeling right.

My mother-in-law {as usual} had perfect timing texting to come see what Santa had brought before I took the girls’ for our first round of Christmas events, and I was able to sit for a little bit and try to get myself together.


as we made the hop, skip, and jump over the highway to my own parents’ house for our Christmas breakfast, I got the text that my husband was headed home from the hospital


I made the drop off with the girls, ran back home to make sure he had camp set up, and back to breakfast I went.

{End Dec. 25th…cue Dec. 26th}

The lingering cough turned into fever, the girls went to grandparents to play, and I slept off the nasty fever & just down right not feeling good between checking on the patient on the other side of the house.

Then we were all together enough to have Christmas #2 on Dec. 27th & Husband was able to venture out and try to eat a little soup at his parents’ since we had all been back and forth and all over between everyone being ill…AND before the next life event on the 31st.


{not like picked her up in the Dollar Gentral…like my brother-in-law & sister-in-law had a baby girl}

So cue the 28th– Happy Anniversary! We’ve been married 6 years, had 2 children, I apparently had the flu { and then gave it to child #2}, and Husband had his gallbladder out.

Not exactly some accomplishments we had planned on in our almost 10 total years together.

The 29th– I thought there was the light at the end of the tunnel…and then the child #2 started fever so a trip to the doctor ensued on the 30th.

We got in quickly that morning for obvious reasons {ahem* flu-like symptoms}, and then I was sent with cough syrup for my residual hacking and then tamiflu for the tiny one who tested positive for type A flu.

The next 3 days we spent in quarantine with round the clock meds for everyone & big sister spent her days at Honey’s to avoid the sickness because we had a BIG trip planned for the 2nd.

Now on the 31st we awaited texts to tell us our sweet little dark-haired nugget had arrived and that our beloved Aunt KK was doing well– those came quickly seeing as that rockstar got her pitocin at 5am & had that baby at 9:02am.


That light at the end of the tunnel was there… no one had fever, the Christmas was put away, the floor was swept, and I could see the normalcy coming back…

And on January 2nd…

The trip for my big girl commenced.

We ventured to the big city with Aunt Mere to go see my absolute favorite musical, WICKED.

Normalcy. That is the most wonderful thing to me is to have normalcy and familiarity in my life.

The sickness, hospital stays, fever, clutter, Christmas decor, and unopened presents all interfered with my normalcy and familiarity with what makes our house “home.”

It put a complete damper on those first 12 days of the break with the unknown and all. That tends to put me in a tizzy so to speak.

For some it was torture putting Christmas trees away, for me it meant relief.

It was the closing of a chapter that I don’t want to see again; although short, we are going to pack that away & leave it for the birds.

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