Don’t Lick the Spoon

Don’t lick the spoon.

Literally my mantra the past 2-3 weeks.

Everytime I make something for the girls… or muffins for Piper’s breakfasts at school…

Don’t lick the spoon.


Because ever since the Husband had his gallbladder surgery, I’ve made it a committment to cook and be healthier in general.

Being healthier for me though means getting to my healthy weight {which is a battle I’ve been fighting since July of last year–officially}.

It means setting a better example to my girls of how to eat, when to eat, and the choices I make.

It means not getting fast food or going out to eat because it’s easy or because we’re bored when Husband’s working.

A healthy weight for me personally is not what’s on the BMI scale— ahem* 125 on me would not be healthy, attainable, or attractive for that matter due to inheriting a naturally stocky build & round face…


I know this, and I’m perfectly fine with it.

I know what my healthy physique is and know how to get there, now it’s just to keepin’ on keepin’ on to get there.

It’s been a slow struggle, a beautiful struggle honestly, to see the pounds come off and the sizes in clothes go down.

The beautiful part– which I’ve written about before– is the notches in my belt.

The belt I’ve had since the 8th grade, still fitting at MANY different stages of life, finally going back down to the notch I originally wore it on.


The past 6 months I had some kickstarts between 2 stomach bugs & flu on the break, but between all that there has been help from my doctor, intermittent fasting, lots of water, lots of teas from Awesome Blossom Nutrition, lots of trading bread for salads, real cokes for diet drinks, and running with my cheerleaders.

All in all, there wasn’t much planning going on.

What has changed the past 2-3 weeks?

Planning, goals being set, and doing this as a family not only due to surgery but also to break bad habits we had set…

Some beginning with the question, “Can we get Taco Bell for supper?”

January’s goal: No fast food.

Yup. A little much in some people’s opinion, but when you were accustomed to picking up supper every 3-4 days because it was “easy” or you needed a “splurge”, then it makes quite the difference in how you feel in general and managing your weight.

So the planning comes in on the food aspect as a whole.

Ever since Husband had his surgery, we have had very low calorie/carb, low fat foods.

Now that he’s a few weeks post-surgery and eating normally, we keep grilled chicken, roasted chicken noodle soup, green beans, brown rice, and salad {for me, not him} as regular meal components for lunches & dinners.

Today was a big meal prep day for me.

The big question– what did I prep?

Breakfasts{5 prepped containers for school}: low carb pancakes {recipe coming in a separate post}, cream cheese “dip” {cream cheese, cool whip, tsp. almond extract– did you know they have very little carbs per serving?}, and fruit all in one container.

Lunches/Dinners for Me {11 containers total}: grilled chicken with green beans, baked potato with green beans, sweet potato with green beans, grilled chicken with green beans, romaine salad mix with craisins & croutons & homemade ranch on the side, romaine salad mix with cheese & croutons & ranch on the side.

Dinners for Husband for Work {5 total}: grilled chicken & brown rice.

**Keep in mind you don’t want to be too adventurous right after having gallbladder surgery**

Snacks: pickles, mini fruit & dips in 1 cup pyrex bowls, and other random snacks that aren’t necessarily low in carbs…but better than licking a bowl of brownie batter with a spatula…


Homemade {low carb, low sugar} Hot Chocolate Mix with Collagen.

….that I made before I realized we had almost a whole tub of Bowmar Protein Low-Carb Hot Chocolate Mix in the cabinet….


So let’s be totally transparent now.

In beginning of this whole journey I was 205lbs.

I’ve heard every kind of response to that…

“There’s no way.”

“Lie again.”

“Where were you hiding that?”

{spanx. there is the legit answer.}

“You were not that much.”

“That was when you were pregnant, right?”

No that was in June.

When I had my weightloss consultation with my doctor, I was 195.

When we had Homecoming 2019, I was 186

When we started Christmas Break I was 176.

When we went back to school from break, I was 171 {thanks to the flu}.

Here I type this, weighing 171.2 this morning after a week of planned meals for school & working out with my cheerleaders for motivation {bless them}.

I type this with my goals in mind.

January: No fast food.

February: No fast food. No soft drinks— ahem* Diet Coke…Diet Mt. Dew…

March….not that far yet…

May: Buy a real swim suit.

Healthy means one step at a time; lifestyle changes– like what you stock your kitchen with; mindset changes.

Don’t lick the spoon.

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