Entertainment in a Blue Chair

I knew I’d have time to just sit and stay to myself while my husband was sleeping in the hospital, so of course I knew I’d need something to occupy my time besides mindlessly scrolling through social media, sitting in the regulation blue hospital room chair.

I’ve posted pictures before, but I love Bible doodling.

It’s soothing, it’s therapeutic, and in a time when things were not going as planned— it was perfect to pass the time.

These doodles are for my girls to give when I deem appropriate. Something for them to keep, and hopefully to cling to in life when things are going “their” way and when things are not.

They have notes, letters to them, highlighted verses, and doodles done by my hand.

Being it was Christmas Eve, what better doodle to do than in Luke.

So as (so appropriately) Christmas Vacation played on the hospital tv, I looked for my favorite part of the Christmas story.

“But Mary treasured up all these things, and pondered them in her heart.” Luke 2:19

Mary, the mother of Jesus, just tugs at my heart.

I’ve written these things before, but the older I get, the more fascinated I become and am just bewildered how others can believe there is not God or that Jesus was not sent to save our souls and take our place on the cross.

Mary knew what her son was going to endure.

Mary knew his future.

Mary knew he was the Son of God.

Mary knew.

Mary loved her son, God’s only Son, and did her duty to protect and take care of him.

Mary treasured these things in her heart and pondered them.

Mary knew.

My heart just swells imagining; knowing my child’s fate and simply pondering and treasuring.

I imagine the qualities Mary must have had for God to choose her.

I imagine her devotion and love for the Lord.

Then I reflect.

Would I have had that devotion that I could have given my child’s life up to the Lord to save the rest of the world…

No. I can tell you now.

But Mary did, and she pondered and treasured.

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