A Family Affair

“Momma’s on a diet.”

My 5-year-old will tell you that real quick.

She has questioned why I don’t eat certain things the past few weeks, so I have answered…

“Momma’s on a diet to be healthier for you and Sister. I want to be able to keep up with you and feel good.”

Have I told her I want to lose weight– yes.

Have I given her a reason– yes.

Momma wants to be healthier, and being healthy means being in shape and active too.

Does she think I want to be skinny-mini-tiny– no. She has no idea what my ideal healthy shape is. She doesn’t have to.

She doesn’t see me look in the mirror inspecting the battle-scars of pregnancy or squishy skin, she doesn’t see frustration when trying on clothes, and she certainly doesn’t see any sign of disappointment when I weigh.

She doesn’t have to know the ins and outs of me trying to get to my ideal size, but she can be filled with the ideas of how to eat healthier and make better choices.

Neither of my girls will grow up to think in a way that is self-degrading and that they should be critical of their body if I can certainly help it.

Neither will be brought up to see the scale as a judge as to whether they should eat or not.


I know the world will try to tell them differently…


We are starting it with just an early mindset that we are healthy & strong.

We want to feel good & have lots of energy.

We don’t say “your clothes are too tight” when she outgrows something or that things are too small.

We acknowledge that she grew and she is going to be tall and strong like her Daddy, but if you ask her she’ll tell you “No I have my momma’s hair.”

Our kids’ are watching, and listening to how we treat ourselves and what we put in our bodies.

She can see that we need to be active and do things instead of sit with an ipad or in front of the tv.

She can join in when I do Zumba at night if she wants.

Am I mom of the year? Absolutely not.

Not one bit of this is worthy of an award. I’m not killing the mom game whatsoever.

I’m just trying to have some accountability.

On the other hand though, Princess Pi has discovered a love for yoga…

Cosmic Kids’ Yoga on Amazon Prime to be exact– it is precious!

We do yoga before bedtime, and we ordered matching yoga mats of course so we could do it “for real.”

Yay for http://www.society6.com for having gold glitter leopard yoga mats!

They come in today, and I have never seen a 5-year-old so excited to do her yoga tonight… or do yoga in general…

So if you need an easy and good little 30 minute work-out or even an easy 12 minute yoga session, just type in the search bar on Amazon Prime and TADA– instanct exercise session in the comfort of your own home.

We have found Zumba, tons of different yoga, and more!


In the end, we are forming better habits, learning better choices, learning to be happy in our own skin, learning to love being active, learning to put the iPad down, learning that we are in control, and overall learning to be healthy…

…because Momma’s on a diet.

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