Weekends are Hard


Weekends are rough on a dieter folks.

No lie.

Or for this one…

Saturday was no fun. Going to Brookshire’s passing the bakery section. Lord help us.

Even though I got a run in beforehand… that just made me want to justify buying that birthday cake {for you know that long lost cousin that I don’t remember their name so I’ll just take it blank…} as a cheat meal…

Yea I said meal. Judge away.

Getting into running longer than 1/2 a mile at a time after having 2 c-sections is hard. I may be a wimp, but geez.

After that, I wanted the whole cake. Judge away.


Yay for teas, grilled chicken, green beans, and lettuce burgers.

{And the Special K snack bars and strawberry yogurt bites}

I don’t think I’d had beef in 2 weeks…


I grilled burgers and instead of buns we had giant leafs of iceburg lettuce.

To the skeptics— it’s actually really good if you’re like us and love the crunch of veggies on your burger.

Also, yay for prepped teas from Awesome Blossom!

Because after dragging through my run this afternoon, Momma needed a tea.

So cheers to keepin’ on keepin’ on, and oh yea…

Fanny says hello…


Get chickens they said..

It’ll be fun they said…

They’ll taste delicious…I said.

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