Late to the Party

Ever get somewhere and think…

“Man I didn’t know I was running late?!”

How about rolling into the 4A South Regional tournament during the game ahead of yours..

Only to be greeted by a sea of red.

Fun fact: neither team playing at the time is red…

However, we are.

Looking around the arena you see parents and family members of players and cheerleaders.


Then you see more who are just die hard fans and supporters.

Pastors of churches, business owners, bank tellers and presidents, former players, teachers and spouses, principals, neighborhood kids, families with young kids, parents of former panthers, and more.

And you realize you’re late to the party.

Fun fact: our fans cheered for the girls’ game ahead of ours

Then the clock hit the 12 minute mark.

Do you know what happens then?

The teams take the court for warm-up

{and prayer}

Our Panthers make their entrance, bow their heads on bended knee, and the red sea erupts.

A total tidal wave of cheering begins as they come out of their huddle, and begin layups, dunking, three pointers, and all.

Then the line-up begins…

And no one sits down.

Then the jump.

And no one sits down.

Then they start the battle for 4A South Regional Champions…

And hardly anyone stays seated throughout the game.

The thing is, the party has just started.


It’ll keep going all the way to Farmington this Friday.

Don’t be late.

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