Tastes Like Chicken

One of my go-to meal preps the past 2 weeks has been “hibachi” chicken… if you would call it that.

That’s what I’m calling it anyways.

Let’s be honest.

The real deal hibachi grills make me nervous.

I don’t do fire.

{I get it honest. I had nightmares about the smokehouse things they would bring to the schools.}

So sitting at the grill— no thank you.

This “at-home-hibachi” requires nothing fancy at all.

Not even all the crazy sauces, cracking of eggs, or broccoli.

Because broccoli is of the devil.


In my skillet, I throw in some cubed chicken breast pieces and of course a couple of spoons of butter.

Brown everything, and then if you need to {like some of us paranoid people} cut a few thick pieces {or all of them} to double and triple check they’re done.

Put those nuggets to the side to rest.

Then take about half a sweet onion, thinly sliced, and sauté that around in some more butter until ALMOST translucent.

Put that to the side too.

{Now the fun part}

Take a veggie peeler and peel the yucky skin off 2 carrots {it’s the only veggie I eat out of the Hachi Hachi box— of course add whatever you like}.

Then take the peeler and peel that carrot to a nub, and sauté those pieces in more butter for about 5 minutes.


Dump it all back into the skillet together with a packet of General Tso sauce and let simmer together for about 10 minutes.

For our house, we actually put this over brown rice with yum yum sauce and pretend it’s Hachi Hachi.

*because brown rice is better for you and blah blah blah*

*and the Minute Rice cups are perfect*

I take it for school, and it does great reheating.

{and there’s no fire necessary}

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