Shutdown Day 3

My children are early birds…


So even though there is no alarm, there is not necessarily late sleeping either.


We got up, dressed, teeth brushed, and took an adventure in the car.

It started with watching the rain as we drove to town, and then curbside pick up for a Hippie Juice & 2 kid Elsa teas at Awesome Blossom.

{Y’all she came out to the car in the rain. Camille totally wins today.}

From there we went to do our American duty, and mailed our 2020 census packet.



We never left the car.

It was great.

Then we did Cosmic Kids Yoga on Amazon Prime at Honey’s.

This is the BEST if you need something to so with your kids inside!

The girls love it, and it’s something we can do together—- and stay active on yucky days.

After yoga, we went home to have our colorful lunch— trying to use this rule of thumb when feeding them these next 2 weeks…

Proving difficult…

Because I am not good at eating a “rainbow” myself seeing as I’m a picky, picky eater.

After lunch, there was coloring, dolls, making letters from coffee stirrers, cookie baking, movie watching, and some tidying.

Then to cook supper…


Biscuit Pizza.


So I popped open a can of biscuits, cut them in half, smooshed them down in a sheet pan, and went to town on them with pizza sauce & toppings.

Done in less than 15 min.

Quick, easy, and perfect with a side of ranch with carrots, green beans, and strawberries.

{See. Almost a rainbow. }

Then the early bedtimes because NO ONE TOOK A NAP.

Not a single soul…

Even though my littlest sidekick had to get up for a nighttime snack-a-doodle.

All the while, I am up working on some projects, laundry, and will follow suit with an “early bedtime” for me.

{Before 11:30pm is early…}

But as I scoured Facebook, more and more teachers have tons of virtual learning tools to help students AND reading to students.

I fully believe reading aloud to children is a key factor in language development and just brain power in general.


I believe in the direct correlation in reading to children & critical thinking/comprehension.

Read to your babies, little kids, big kids, all of them.

Students are even joining in on the fun— reading to each other on Facebook Live.

Humanity is becoming humane again. Helping one another, valuing others’ talents, checking on the elderly, supporting small businesses to keep their doors open, delivering groceries for elderly, and more.

Did we before? Somewhat yes. I’m not bashing that at all, but if we can band together like this in the most difficult times… why can’t we do this all the time?

Churches may not be able to have regular services, but by gosh Jesus is alive and well on Facebook Live through different churches’ Facebook pages & in homes.

School may not be in-session, but the learning hasn’t stopped.

So if a crazy virus is what it takes to bring people together & to their knees to pray to Jesus, then so be it.


When this is all said and done, I hope people stay kind & keep praying.

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