Shutdown Day 4

We started with our car ride & teas.

Then some parking lot sitting & people watching.

Then home just in time to watch our favorite mascot do a little story time.

How cool is it to see all these special story time segments by our own teachers?

Super cool.

And then this afternoon, what us teachers anticipated came to a head…

The governor proclaimed schools will stay closed an extra 2 weeks.

We now {might} go back April 17th.


My heart dropped when I got that message.

{and so did the hearts of all the parents playing teacher/homeschooling for the first time in their lives}


{total sarcasm and joking}

No really. Our hearts sank.

We miss our kids. We miss our jobs. We miss our routines. We miss our coworkers. We miss our classrooms. We miss all the things we love about being a teacher.

So now the adventure of what comes next…

Now we fully transition to whatever it takes to still teach our kids… from afar.


Now we’ll do whatever is needed to reach our kids and meet their needs.

Now we’ll do whatever is needed to teach.


This is not a vacation.

This is uncharted territory.

This is current #teacherlife.

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