1 Year

Facebook Memories will get you sometimes.

Everything from seeing memories of your kids, life events, family members, long lost friends, and then there’s yourself.

That last one was me tonight.

I did my new nightly routine of supper, bathe kids, tidy the kitchen, story time, bedtime, then me time.

Me time means change laundry out in the quiet, do my “tip-toe” run while I watch one of my shows, sit and doodle in my Bible, scroll through Facebook…

I scrolled tonight and it showed the memory of last year’s Panther Spirit Week.

That picture included me, my dad, students who participated in dress-up days, and another sponsor for prizes.

That picture was exactly a year ago, so I stopped because I was curious.

I was curious how the comparison would look.

So I made a graphic because that’s just what I do.

I looked on my weight tracker to be exact.

Then my stomach dropped.

The comparison is awesome in the sense of how far I’ve come in this health journey, but in the same sense I can’t imagine why I would let myself look or be that person that thought 6-7 sodas a day was okay because they were diet & I was a mom of 2 so I was tired and needed the caffeine.

What was I so blind to that I thought I was fine and healthy.

The numbers on the scale are drastic.

The clothing sizes are drastic.

The girl on the left had to stretch her size large t-shirts with her arms so they were loose enough that my spanx didn’t show and the rolls were hidden. Cardigans “hid” what my arms couldn’t stretch. Fast food was an almost daily occurrence. She wore longer tops to hide the size 14 pants that were snug. The excuse of having had 2 children made her comfortable. It was “supposed to be like this.”

She heard that a lot.

“But you have 2 kids.”

“But you’ve had 2 c-sections.”

Then the girl on the right knocked that heifer in the face.

“Snap out of it.”

And she did.

The girl on the right took ownership.

She went to a doctor for help in July 2019 because she knew this wasn’t healthy, and yea she had 2 kids.

And those 2 girls deserved a better, healthier example.

So that girl did what the doctor said.

She did intermittent fasting.

She still ate fast food on the occasion.

She still drank sodas.

She ate low carb.

She had cheat days.

She started Herbalife teas from Awesome Blossom.

She accepted the fact this would happen slowly.

She ran the 2 laps with her cheerleaders every day.

October 2019: 183lbs

Fast forward to Christmas.

December 2019: the girl on the right’s husband ended up in emergency gallbladder surgery.


This triggered a complete lifestyle change.

For the month of January—- absolutely no fast food.

No sodas. Low sugar/sugar free. Low carb.

Bland foods.

Grilled foods, veggies, the whole 9 yards.

The entire house changed their lifestyle.

Instead of dieting, they just changed for the better.

For everyone’s health.

The girl on the right wants her children to know how to eat properly.

In the middle of January 2020, the girl on the right picked up her tennis shoes ans started the c25k app from the beginning.

She finished the last day of it the first week of March.

Now she runs a minimum of 30 minutes/2 miles a day.

It may not have been a quick transformation, and to some it may not be as big of a deal


The girl on the right never gave up.


15 thoughts on “1 Year

  1. Woah ! *Snap Snap* that was an amazing overview ! I was completely with you! I love the way you took me on that journey, and congratulations for such a transformation! You’re inspiring!

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  2. Thanks for sharing your journey. You go girl! So inspiring. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Keep up the lifestyle changes. You got this!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is so awesome, way to go mama. It truly is about a lifestyle change and really wanting the best to go in our body. It may be hard some times but it’s so worth it to know you’re giving the best to your kiddos and yourself. We’ve been making some big changes and I feel like as the years go by we make more adjustments that better us even more. Once you do it you can’t imaging going back!! Kuddos to you girl!

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  4. Way to go mama!! Such an amazing roundup and so we’ll said! Definitely and great you know you’re giving the best to your family and to yourself. Through the years we’ve made more and more changes, and really focus on what’s going in our body. Once you start it’s hard to ever want to go back. It may not be the easiest sometimes but it’s worth it knowing you’re doing your best. You go girl!

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  5. Congratulations on your journey, I went on a similar one last year and it’s been a whole lifestyle change for the entire family.

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