Shut Down Day 13

The past couple of days we have…

•drawn with chalk

•played outside, gone for walks, played on the swingset, walked to grandparents’ houses

•hunted Easter eggs

•meal prepped pancakes, taco meat, general tso chicken, spaghetti sauce, vegetable soup, and browned hamburger meat for bubble pizza later in the week

•painted & put together my girls’ “big girl room”

•run at night & binge watched Hulu & Netflix

•made 4 batches of cookies

•cleaned my car {praise Jesus}

•played in the sand box

•washed all the clothes

• “dyed” our hair blue


•had a Zoom meetings with our math department at school

•Zoom faculty meeting with our principal

•checked in on students & my cheerleaders

•planned AMI assignments, class codes, videos, etc.

It still feels unreal. This whole situation.

So here’s to making the best of it.

Here’s to more cookie baking, Zoom conferencing, Trolls watching, chalk drawing, driveway walking, AMI planning, sunshine filled days.

Here’s to checking in with kids and being real about life.

Here’s to “monitor & adjust.”

Here’s to no make-up or flat irons until further notice.

Here’s to cleaning the house & cleaning up curriculum maps.

Here’s to making the best of this strange situation.

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