Smoked Nachos

Since social distancing started, I’ve taken it upon myself to learn different skills…

Making bread, cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls…

Yes. Cooking basically.

Did I like to cook & did I cook before? Yes. But I had never done much in depth cooking like with yeast and such…

I also got into learning about smoking foods on the pellet grill.

I had done a couple racks of ribs before…


Now it was time to get serious…


I did a pork butt…

low and slow folks– rule of thumb.

It came off with a nice bark & shredded easily into a couple of quart sized bags, but after eating on it 2 days we needed something new to do with it.

So when I mentioned my go-to “hey let’s make nachos” pitch, my husband said, “hey why don’t we put them on the grill”

{Oh snap yes}

So, I doctored up a sheet pan with…

-regular tortilla chips

-blue corn tortilla chips

-lots of shredded cheese

-drizzled bbq sauce

-pulled pork

-more cheese

-more sauce

-and some french onions

put it all on the grill for about 10-15 minutes at 350 degrees…

It came off melty & bubbly & had that smokey flavor.

Let’s just say, I may not ever do nachos in the oven or microwave again.

{Up next: Smoked Mac’n Cheese}

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