Dear Students…

I haven’t written in a bit and hopefully I can get back to doing that. I have literally been blowing & going between navigating teaching in a pandemic, parenting in a pandemic, and farm projects.

But today I’m stopping to write.

Yesterday, I had students wake up to heartbreak–past, present, and future ones alike.

Teachers were told news we hate to hear.

This was a first for me as a 5 year teacher.

We had a different kind of heartbreak & a variety of grieving going on.

We lost one of our kids.

This isn’t the first student I have lost, but it is the first of it’s kind.

My students and I stopped and had difficult conversations because their hearts were hurting.

Some were looking for comfort. Some wanted answers that I didn’t have. Some just wanted silence.

Yesterday we flipped the script and we were human for a minute.

We were understanding and had empathy. We were hurt.

If you’re a teacher you get it— these are our kids.

They may not get it, your spouse may not understand, and no one else in the world may understand how you can care for ALL those kids… But we do.

I cried to my husband because my heart was overwhelmed by the time I got home last night.

I hurt for the parents, grandparents, and siblings who have an empty place in their home and their hearts. I hurt because I have no answers for my students. I hurt for the ones who sit in silence. I hurt as a momma. I hurt as a teacher.

It hurt.


Dear students…

You are loved and wanted.

We may fuss. We may push you to limits. We may force you to learn things you don’t want to. We may have high expectations. We may write you up. We may give consequences you don’t like. We may not take late work. We may be “unfair.” We may change plans. We may move faster in the lesson than you like. We may give homework. We may “do too much.”

But you are loved. You are valued. You are wanted.

We care what you do outside of school. We care that you are fed. We care you have what you need. We care if you sing in the church choir. We care if you play golf. We care if you got your drivers’ license on the first try. We care if you were able to eat lunch today or not. We care if you worked til 11pm last night. We care if you are sick.

We care.

We continue to care when we see you in Walmart 2 years later. We continue to care 2 days after graduation when you are able to take your dream trip. We care when we see your wedding or baby registry at a local store. We care when we see you at church on Sundays. We care when we see you had your new business incorporated in the paper. We care when we see a picture of you in your military uniform.

We still care. We still know your name. We can probably remember where you sat in class & what year you graduated.

I promise we care.

So when you find yourself questioning if anyone would miss you…

we would.

Current students. Past students. Future students.

I would miss you.

Your teachers love you. Your teachers care. Your teachers want you sitting in their classroom. Your teachers want you to be successful in your future endeavors whether it be work, college, marriage, parenting. All of it.

You are wanted. You are loved. You are heard.

We are here. We will listen. We will help.

I promise I’ll check on you. I promise I’ll do what I can. I promise to find someone who will do anything that I can’t.

I’m begging you.

Dear students.

You. Are. Loved.

You. Are. Wanted.


A Teacher

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