Switcheroo {literally}

So a sweet new friend on instagram reached out asking if she could send me something, so of course I said yes! {she is a farm wife in Iowa-- they grow crops of curly willow harvested for decorative sticks-- super cool} A few days later, a box arrived with the neatest surprise for my girls… Continue reading Switcheroo {literally}

Shut Down Day 13

The past couple of days we have... •drawn with chalk •played outside, gone for walks, played on the swingset, walked to grandparents’ houses •hunted Easter eggs •meal prepped pancakes, taco meat, general tso chicken, spaghetti sauce, vegetable soup, and browned hamburger meat for bubble pizza later in the week •painted & put together my girls’… Continue reading Shut Down Day 13

1 Year

Facebook Memories will get you sometimes. Everything from seeing memories of your kids, life events, family members, long lost friends, and then there’s yourself. That last one was me tonight. I did my new nightly routine of supper, bathe kids, tidy the kitchen, story time, bedtime, then me time. Me time means change laundry out… Continue reading 1 Year

Shutdown Day 6

Today was actually “normalish.” We helped our dear friend celebrate her marriage in a small & love-filled ceremony. With lots of hand washing, some distancing, and hand sanitizer. We enjoyed family time. We enjoyed a “clean out the fridge” supper. We watched part of a movie. We ate corn dogs, pizza, and cookies. It was… Continue reading Shutdown Day 6